Prestige Travel Systems Review

Many people dream about owning their own business in the same way people dream about owning their own home. Often those dreaming about owning their own business are put off by the logistical demands or high-costs of getting started. Prestige Travel Systems offers a way for everyday people to start their own business without a huge up-front investment or years of training to understand the logistics of an industry.

Prestige specializes in the travel industry and has developed a startup program to get people started as independent travel agents. The program focuses on using the internet to avoid the incredibly high costs that go along with opening a regular store or leasing an office space, which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

The startup program through Prestige starts at $125, making it a realistic price for people bruised by struggling economy. It doesn’t demand financing from a bank or trying to find someone to co-sign a loan. Unlike franchises that charge monthly fees and, often, large annual licensing fees, Prestige only charges for training and a $35 annual fee to cover administrative costs. In essence, you can start a business for less than a lot of people pay for one month of cable and internet access.

The basic training covers everything someone needs to know to get started. You receive a course that includes an operation manual and information about how Prestige’s reservation system works. The training also covers the basics of sales in the travel industry and provides you some extra benefits, such as complimentary subscriptions to the travel industry magazines, and ID card, and the option to sign up for additional seminars.

The compensation is straightforward. For every person you help book a flight, cruise or tour, as well those you refer to Prestige’s club packages, Prestige gets a commission and you receive a percentage of that commission. At the basic level, you receive 30% of the commission on most bookings. If the Company gets $600 for a booking, then you’re looking at $180 as your portion.

For those who want to earn more from their travel agent business or just learn more about the travel industry, Prestige offers two pathways. You can opt to advance into more advanced levels through a series of individual courses. Each course costs a flat fee of $85 and completion of each course qualifies you for a higher percentage of the commission. The courses delve into more advanced approaches to sales and marketing, as well as more in-depth information about the travel industry itself.

The second pathway to a higher commission and suited more for those who are certain this is the business they want to be in is Prestige Travel Systems’ XTP Program. The program includes all the training from the individual courses and it also boosts your total percentage of the commission to 60%. The $180 you get from the $600 booking at the basic level become $360 after the XTP training. The program cost $349, which is a significant discount from taking the courses one at a time and vastly improves your short-term earning potential.

One of the biggest advantages to Prestige Travel Systems’ tiered program is that allows you to exercise a great deal of control over your total time investment, your level of involvement in the booking process and your earnings. For the person who is just looking to bring in some extra cash working part-time from home, the basic level membership may prove ideal. If you find you like the work and want to up your level of involvement in the booking, you can take the more advanced courses and see a boost in your overall earnings.

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